Children and Surgery

Village SurgiCenter recognizes that your child is precious and important.

Village SurgiCenter welcomes pediatric patients and work hard to take the fear out of surgery. We encourage a tour of the SurgiCenter for your child prior to their scheduled surgery date. This will allow your child to see the center, meet with the staff and become more comfortable about their upcoming visit. The day of surgery, your child is welcome to bring their favorite blanket, doll, stuffed animal, or other toy that they enjoy. They may dress in their favorite or most comfortable clothes. All in an effort to make them more relaxed and at ease. Parents will be allowed to stay with their child in the preoperative area. Once surgery is completed, and as soon as it is appropriate, the parents will be allowed in the recovery area to be with their child until they are ready for discharge. Upon discharge, we recommend one adult drive home while the other adult tends to the child in the car.