Days After Surgery

After your surgery is completed, you will be taken to the recovery area. Your family will be able to visit with you as soon as possible.

When you are ready to be discharged from Village SurgiCenter:

  • A Post Operative nurse will discuss the go-home instructions and any medications with you, as well as provide a written copy of them for you to take home.
  • Since you will be unable to drive for 24 hours following surgery, a responsible adult should drive you home. Make sure that you are not alone for this initial 24 hour period. You may feel dizzy, or light headed for several hours after the procedure and may require assistance at home.
  • Upon arriving home, it is extremely important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding rest, medication and activity.
  • We recommend a diet consisting of clear liquids, progressing to a regular diet about 4-6 hours after surgery. Heavy foods may make you nauseated.
  • Take advantage of this time and rest.
  • Do not sign any contracts or serious legal documents for 24 hours after surgery.
  • Do not drive a car for at least 24 hours after the surgery.
  • It is the patient’s responsibility to make follow up appointments for continued care with their surgeon.